Our Beers

Our specialty at Panama 66, our restaurant that occupies the Sculpture Garden, is San Diego Craft Beer. While it may not be for every event, it’s a terrific way to highlight to your guests some of the best that San Diego has to offer. We are co—owned by former Stone Brewer Lee Chase and our other two restaurants, Blind Lady Ale House and Tiger! Tiger! Tavern, have been named two of America’s Best Beer Bars for six years in a row by Draft Magazine. Our incredible beer selections have been written about in Conde Nast Travel, Sunset, Food & Wine and more. We curate our beer selection as the Museum has curated their exhibitions.

While we can absolutely get you commercial beer brands, please know, we do not stock them or carry them in our restaurants. They will be considered a special request.


These are some of California’s most well known and respected beers. The following are all options with any of our Bar Packages. To choose from a wider selection, see Upgrade Beer, below.

Stone Pale Ale, San Diego
Stone IPA, San Diego
Stone Levitation Amber Ale, San Diego
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Chico
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, Chico  
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, Colorado
New Belgium Ranger IPA, Colorado
New Belgium Shift Pale Ale, Colorado
Trumer Pils, Berkeley
Coronado Orange Wit, Coronado
Karl Strauss Red Trolley Irish Red Ale, San Diego
Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA, San Diego

*If you're looking for commercial beer selections, just ask.

If you’re looking for something just a bit more out of the box, or uniquely special, these are the beers you will want to consider. Add $1 per person for one or more selections from this list.

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA (Can or Keg) - Ah, Sculpin! A multiple-award winning hoppy heaven.
Societe Harlot (Keg only) - This small brewery makes amazing Belgian-style beers and Harlot is their flagship.
Modern Times Lomaland Saison (Can or Keg) - Belgian-Style Saison that is light, fruity and earthy.
Modern Times Blazing World (Can or Keg) - Aggressively hoppy they call it! But really this is just a solidly delicious, small maker IPA.
Benchmark Blonde (Keg only) - A very small brewery known for it's flavorful low-ABV beers. 
Green Flash West Coast IPA (Bottle or Keg) - Hoppy notes of pine and citrus rind with a floral nose.
Green Flash 30th Street Pale Ale (Bottle or Keg) - North Park's namesake is a classic hopped pale ale.
Lost Abbey Red Barn (Keg only) - Lightly spiced farmhouse ale from the mind of Tomme Arthur.

We have access to so many more wonderful San Diego and California Beers, as well as some terrific regional brands from all over the US—maybe the couple is from Portland, Oregon and want some Ninkasi? Or from Colorado and you’d like to serve some Avery? We can help. If you are looking for something in particular please do not hesitate to ask.