The Fine Print

Our Service Fee

We want to be transparent in all our transactions and dealings with you. We charge an industry standard Service Fee of 18%.

This service fee covers lots of the little things such as our time quoting and planning, attending walk-throughs, phone and in person consultations, trash removal, recycling, insurance, as well as set-up and breakdown labor.

Because of an additional cost to us, additional fees may incur for the following:

   * Events that go longer than five hours.
   * Drinks being requested before or after contract service starts.
   * Bar set-up in same area as Reception.
   * Events that extend beyond the contracted time.

Site Restrictions

We do not allow outside alcohol to be brought in to the Museum space. Any violation of this policy will result in forfeiture of the alcohol and possible fines to be expensed by the client.

No shots of liquor are allowed anywhere on-site, per The San Diego Museum of Art policy. Additionally, no ice luges.

California State Law prohibits the serving of alcoholic beverages to any persons under the age of 21. 

Any person who appears to be 30 years or younger will be asked for identification. Consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors will cause the Event to cease. All beverages must be poured and  served by our Staff.

No red wine is allowed inside the Museum (but it is allowed in the Auditorium, Sculpture Garden and Courtyard.)

Contract Terms

Gratuity is not included and is certainly not mandatory. If you feel it appropriate to tip, you may do so at any time— at the event or after in your final payment. Please note, unless otherwise instructed, our Bartenders do put out a discreet tip jar. If you'd prefer they do not, simply let us know.

Confirmation of services are considered definite upon receipt of the signed contract and requested deposit. Any deposits will be applied to the final balance.

Any package can be custom tailored, however this may affect pricing.

Unless requested, brands will be supplied as listed, or with comparable or upgraded substitutes.

All prices are subject to the aforementioned 18% service charge and 8% California sales tax.

Craft in the Park staff members are all LEAD certified and strictly adhere to the beverage laws set by the bureau of Alcohol Beverage Control. Please note, we will not over serve guests, including wedding guests.


     - Up to 30 days prior to event: No charge to Client.

     - One-to-three weeks prior to Event Date: Client will be charged 25% of total beverage catering 
fee based on Guest Count or by estimated consumption as determined in this Contract.

     - Within 1 week of Event Date: Client will be charged 50% of total beverage catering fee.